History of Thai massage

Shivango KomarpajMassage is developed in Thailand. It is a system of massage and manipulation. It is influenced by the traditional medicine system and yoga, which is practiced in countries like China, India, and countries of Southeast Asia. Its formal name in Thai language is Nuat Phaen Boran. There are many styles in it. It can be done in solo or in group as well. A full session lasts for about 2 hours. There is a standard procedure and rhythm to perform it.

History of Thai massage
Shivango Komarpaj who was Buddhist cannon and physician of Buddha over 2500 years ago is founder of this massage technique. This history of this technique is very complex. Basically, it is influenced by Indian, Chinese, and people of Southeast countries. In this technique, there is no particular routine or framework, which is followed all over the world.

There is considerable variation from region to region.
Thai traditional medicine is known to help many a patients to recover from diseases which are related to the muscles. It is believed that many persons who had unfounded muscle pains have attained great relief with these massages.

The major benefits of this massage are, it gives you relief from various body problems such as asthma, pain in different parts of body like head, spinal cord, and also helps you in releasing your anxiety. It also gives you relief from physical and mental tension, makes your sleep better, improves your body flexibility, and also releases your blocked energy. This technique of massage will energize your body. This type of technique promotes not only your body but also your mind.

It operates on the hypothesis that the body is filtered with air. This air is inhaled through lungs along 72000 pathways called Sen .There is no definite procedure. Tradition regions follow a different method in which massage affects the 5 layers of body, which are skin layers that are tissues, channels, and bones. These affect the relationship of body with earth, water, wind, and fire.


Different types
Traditional Thai massage – This traditional massage can sometimes be painful. It can be a painful experience for you.
Thai oil massage – This technique is one of the most relaxing massage. It is very famous in Pattaya. In this many kinds of oil are required, which helps to reduce your stress.
Thai foot massage – If this technique is done properly and in proper way than it proves to be a very relaxing one for you. It is popular in almost every country. You can see people massaging their feet in shops, malls, or in a parlor.
Thai head and neck massage – This uses a circular motion technique. The therapist uses their thumb not their finger tips. This helps you keep cool and will release your tension.
Thai body scrub – This technique is a combination of oil massage and traditional massage. This type of massage tends to be the most expensive one. To create a pleasing aroma, herbs and spices are used, which makes its more expensive.

So if you want to get relaxed and release all your tension in just few hours than you should go for this Thai massage. It will release all your body pain.

Few things to keep in mind
There are a few essentials that you should keep in mind before taking up a massage session. These would be as follows:
– If you have any open wounds or rashes on your skin, you should reconsider taking a session up.
– If you are pregnant you should avoid a Thai Massage. It could create complications for you or your baby.
– If you have had a surgery just recently then you should speak to your doctor before taking up a massage surgery. Depending upon the surgery you had, your doctor will advise the best massage for you. If you don’t take medical advice there are chances that you might just injure the stitches at the incision site.
– If you have a history of blood clots then you should avoid massages. Massages can aggravate more clot formation in your body and create more trouble for vulnerable patients. Again seeking medical advice is advised for best effect.