Q : What is Thai Massage?
A : Traditional Thai Massage has a long history, dating back many years in Thailand. Unlike Swedish massage, Thai Massage is performed on a floor mattress. The therapist will places emphasis on the mind and body connection in positions similar to yoga while applying rhythmic compressions, pressure on energy points, and stretching. The therapist will use their hands, thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet.

Q : How can Thai Massage benefit you?
A : Facilitates relaxation
Improves flexibility and increases range of motion
Relieves pain and tension
Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow helping the body to eliminate toxins
Stimulates the nervous system
Excellent for athletes – supplying relief for stiff, sore, tired, overused muscles
Frees blockages for positive energy flow, giving the body a sense of balance and well being

Q : Is Thai Massage right for you? Does it hurt? Will it be deep enough? What if I am not flexible?
A : Thai massage is a very adaptable style of massage. We have given massage to people of all ages, from children to adults in their 90 ‘s. We have massaged pregnant women, people recovering from injuries and illness, athletes, and countless people wishing only to reduce stress and regain some balance in their lives. If you are ill or have had an injury you should always consult your doctor before receiving any massage. All of our clients are unique, some like very deep pressure, others like only gentle massage. Some people are flexible while others are stiff as a board. You should speak with your therapist about any concerns and let them know how much pressure you like.
Traditional Thai Massage has long had a close association with Buddhist Temples. Here at Sawadee Thai Massage we strive to maintain this spiritual aspect by applying compassionate touch in a mindful way with the utmost dignity and respect. Allow us to offer you a Traditional Thai Massage custom made for you.