Thai Massage is a Buddhist therapeutic technique, dating back 2500 years.
It is believed that Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga Therapy) was first practiced
by Jivaka Komarabhacca (Doctor Shivago), a personal physician and healer who had connections with the Buddha.

Ancient Thai people believed that “the absence of illness is a blessing”.
In other words, illnesses can be avoided by maintaining health, balance and well-being.
This holistic approach includes a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, meditation and, importantly, Thai Massage.

The walls off the ancient temple at Wat Po in Bangkok are inscribed with diagrams of energy flow along ten main channels of the body.
These channels are called Sen lines and are the heart of Thai Massage Therapy. When a Sen line becomes obstructed, pain, emotional disharmony or disease can result.

It is the responsibility of our professional Thai Massage Therapists to locate and clear obstructions (imbalances) from the body’s Sen lines, restoring the natural flow of energy on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.