Massage : Everything you should know

what is massageMassage is the act of treating body to stimulate circulation, relieve tension, and increase suppleness by rubbing, patting, or kneading the body. It promotes relaxation and well -being of the body. This word is derived from a French word “massage,” which literally means friction of kneading. It can be done with the help of fingers, hands, elbows, feet or knees. It involves pressure. Pressure is applied on the body on body parts like muscles, ligaments, face, skin, connective tissue, or organs of gastrointestinal system. The person who wants it is treated while he/she is lying on table or chair or lying on floor.


Massage for health

There are almost 100 types of massages, which can improve your health. Sometimes massage can heal your injuries very easily. There are mainly 4 treatments in massage for health.

Therapeutic massage – It is a treatment that manipulates the soft tissue of your body. This is done by special therapeutic treatments. This is done according to client need and response by relevant technique, movements, and lubricants. This repairs your soft tissue by healing them very quickly. It is a deep massage done by professional therapist. This therapy will bring back your normal health surely. Through this treatment, general muscle soreness from over exertion can also be treated.

Relaxation massage – It is a treatment in which smooth and gliding stokes are used. In this light pressure is used to make your relax. Sometimes people fall asleep during this process. This therapy is very soothing to your body. It releases all your stress.

Hot stone massage – It is a type of technique in which heated, smooth and soft stones are placed on the key points of the body. These stones are generally made of marbles. These stones are placed on specific parts of body such as back, hands etc.

Pregnancy massage – This massage lasts for an hour. In this technique, a typical pregnancy massage table is used. This technique generally helps during the last months of pregnancy. This will help in reducing your pain and the swelling in your legs.


This therapy provides many benefits to your body. Some of the most common benefits of this therapy are:

  1. Relieves stress
  2. Provides relaxation
  3. Improves postures
  4. Improves circulation
  5. Lower blood pressure
  6. Relaxes muscles
  7. Improves immune system
  8. Relieves headache
  9. Relieves tension
  10. Increases your healing power

Massage therapist

They treat their client by using their touch and will manipulate their muscles. They try to relieve your pain by applying pressure on your body. Their main aim is to improve the general wellness of the client. They work in both public and private places as well. Some of them also travel to client’s house to give a massage. Generally, they use their hand but sometimes they use their elbow, fingers, or feet also.

Massage will surely help in reliving your stress. It is the best way to get over your tensions and problems.

A good massage can not only be therapeutic but also have medicinal values. Thai massages are always the first preference of the first-time spa attendees. Usually the therapists entail the whole body in the process from head to toe.

The most essential part of such a massage is that it does not force you to be nude completely. In comparison to other massages such the Swedish massage, you can be partly dressed during the entire massage procedure. Interestingly, this massage also ensures a warm up before the actual massage procedure. The massage expert will help you stretch your arms, legs and back muscles before you lie down.

The massage therapist will also make sure that he or she adjusts the pressure on your body according to your capacity to take it. They also ask you to inform them in case of any discomfort during the massage. This helps them give you the best massage, which is relaxing and rejuvenating. It is advised that you must consult a physician in case you are under some medication. Your doctor will be able to guide you well about the areas on your body which should be massaged.

It is advised that you must be dressed loose clothes during the procedure.