Wat Pho Thai massage school

wat pho thailandWat pho Thai massage school is situated in Bangkok Thailand. This school is widely known as the chief school of massage Thailand. It is this place where group of massage therapists learn their skills through very deep, hard, and long courses. To its foreigner clients it offers a series of courses. After attending ten days class, this school offers certificates to its students. A full massage therapist program lasts for 4 years and it has 14 semesters. Because of its growing popularity, it has established its branches in Nonthaburi and Chiangmai also.  You can learn how To Buy Kratom on Amazon in KRATOMMASTERS.COM


Courses offered

  1. General Thai massage
  2. Therapeutic and healing massage
  3. Thai fundamental massage point
  4. Foot massage courses
  5. Oil massage
  6. Aromatherapy
  7. Infant and child massage
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In Thailand, it is commonly known a temple of Reclining Buddha. It became the first college of massage in Thailand. Initially, it was a temple but King Roma III purchased this temple and converted this temple into a massage school. He made this temple a center of understanding. The walls of this temple were decorated with plenty of carved stones; on these stones various thoughts of understanding are written. This was done so that understanding of the Thai massage is spread easily and broadly.

The history of Thailand shows many evidences of the Thai massage being projected as one of the best medicines in the region. The special herbs and oils used for these procedures have come from ancestral knowledge of the region. This is their protected heritage and priced possession as well.

wat pho thailand
wat pho thailand
Special features of the school

The king purchased many pictures, which show different positions and points of the body. In the recent times, many people from around the world came to this school to understand massage. The main purpose of the school is to stimulate bloodstreams, to relieve tension and to make the patient free and easy. The masseur in this school not only uses their hand but their feet, knees, legs to provide a soothing and a complete massage. It depends on the effectiveness of the school. This is very cheap and very affordable also. This school is considered as the spiritual home of Thai massage.

Many people from across the world come to the school to learn this art, for application in their lives forever. There are special courses which are made for foreign students. These are shorter than the actual courses and also help in learning effective techniques, faster.

wat pho thai massage school

How does it work?

In totality, there are 15 courses offered in this school. Further, these courses are divided in 4 categories; basics, advanced, professional, and special short courses. Depending on your current expertise you could take up a course of your choice.

The general Thai massage and the foot massage are the introductory courses are compulsory before moving to more technical levels. Each student in this school is given a partner of similar height and weight. Each pair is instructed by their given teacher. In their classroom each pair taught by textbooks and many practice sessions. The introductory sessions can be started at the any day of the week therefore, are very easy to attend. Classes are started at 9:00 to 16:00 with 1-hour break in between. There is no kind of stress in this school. Students enjoy a lot during their sessions. After clearing the initial level at this school, you have many options by which you can enhance your skills at this school.

If you want to be a masseur then don’t think and straight away go to Wat Pho Thai school in Thailand. This school will definitely increase your massage skills and you will learn a lot from there. You could also start your own venture after perfecting the art of massaging here. The techniques taught here are effective, culturally rich and under strict supervision of the experts.

Massage schools in Thailand even today hold the same traditional respect as they did one century ago. The head of the schools are known to supervise the entire functioning of the institute. They are also said to have certain special healing powers, bestowed on them by their ancestors. This keeps their schools still very pious and full of culture.