Corporate Massage

Sawadee Thai Massage is proud to offer special service for Corporate Massage.
This is a chance to you and your employees to relax and rejuvenate promotes wellness, vitality and longevity with Thai massage in your workplace.

Corporate Massage Benefits :
It does more than just feel good, also can lowers your stress to help boost productivity. It improves posture while cutting down on sick days. A 15-minute massage also contributes to calm minds, better self-awareness, and more motivation throughout the day.

The package included :
– 2 therapists per package.
– 2 Thai Massage Chairs or Table Massage (You can choose).
– Small sound system to feature meditative music.
– 10 x 10 tent with sides (Optional)

Pricing :
$ 280 / hours (15 min /person ; 8 peoples )

How to Book ?
To schedule, just give us a call (650)964-4067‏.
Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you bring the benefits of corporate massage to your office.